Architectural Rendering Services

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2D Exterior Elevation Rendering

Two (2) sets of revisions if needed
8.5 x 11 hi-resolution PDF file
72 DPI Website JPG Files
(Delivered 24-36 hours after receiving payment)

Elevation Renderings

I have designed hundreds of unique Elevation Rendering styles that have matched Architects, Home Builders and Developers vision.

I design 2D Hi-Resolution Residential House Renderings that have all the elements that the client requests. Elements include and are not limited to Exterior Textures, Custom Exterior Color Swatches, detailed Windows, Roofing, Shadowing & landscaping.

All visions are transformed into pieces of art suited to your needs.

Please provide original Architectural Elevation AutoCad Draft in DWG, PDF, JPG or GIF. Attach Files by Email Here >

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2D Elevation Rendering

Architectural Elevation Renderings are two-dimensional images
showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design.

2D Home Elevation Rendering

2D House Rendering

Also known as Exterior Renderings, Building Renderings,
Elevation Drawing Illustrations & Visualization.

2D Homes & 2D Visualization

Architectural Drawings & Architectural Illustrations

Architectural Renderings are normally done for presentation,
marketing and design analysis purposes.

2D Rendering Services

Elevation Renderings are designed to the right proportion, scale
and even use real life textures, materials, color and finishes.

2D Rendering Services

Architectural Visualization
Architectural Illustrator

Exterior Home Renderings play a major role in real estate sales. It also makes it possible
to take design related decisions well before the building is actually erected.
Thus it helps experimenting with the building design and its visual aspects.

Architectural Rendering Services

2D Residential Elevation Renderings are simple yet detailed and easy on the eye as opposed to 3D Visualization which at times can be overwhelming for a potential home buyer.

Architectural Renderings

2D Elevations allow clear view of hard Architectural lines that are familiar to Home Builders.

Architecture Rendering

Elevation Renderings are Artists Representations rendered from the
actual architectural drawing blueprints.

Building Renderings & Residential Exterior Rendering

Home Illustration & Exterior Renderings


I have had several inquiries about how to design Architectural Elevation Renderings without complex modeling software or AutoCAD from students and teachers alike. I have put together some information to get you started. First you will need Adobe Photoshop CS6 or earlier versions, which you can Purchase & Download to your computer for around $700. You may also choose to Download a Free Trial before you buy.

Purchase & Download Adobe Photoshop Here > Download a FREE TRIAL Here >

Next it is advisable to understand the basics in Photoshop. I highly recommend downloading this Free PDF Book and Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Training that starts at the beginning and slowly works its way through to advanced.

These steps will arm you will the skills needed to create professional quality 2D Architectural Elevations.

"Getting Started With Photoshop"

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Once you have learned Photoshop you should develop, design and add to a Hi-Resolution database, a complete custom list of all the element patterns that will be applied to your Elevation Renderings i.e. Roof, Siding, Windows, Lighting, Doors, Landscaping, Driveways etc. including Custom Color Swatches with CMYK and RGB numbers to match exactly every time. You may use my designs to guide you in this process.

After you have all your customized elements designed you will be able to begin rendering the original architectural blueprints. Use these blueprints as a template (8.5 x 11 .PSD) and match the design exactly to reflect the original drawing. Add layers and shadowing for dimensions, until you have applied all architectural elements. Create outside elements in a unique and artistic way to achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

This is a short example of how to make 2D Architectural Elevation Renderings without the use of technical drafting software. The only thing left is the passion for the art and a desire to succeed.

Good Luck! - Erika Eastridge - Schulte

If you have any questions
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Home Rendering & House Illustration

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